Purity and Results

MicroSort® is a scientifically proven method. That means that results gathered to date show good fertilization, cleavage and pregnancy rates, and constant testing has resulted in the recovery of high purity samples.

Purity in sorted samples refers to the percentage of sperm cells that correspond to the desired gender. This purity is obtained by taking a very small part of each sorted sample and performing a fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) test at a later date. During this test, special colored probes are attached to the specific chromosomes in the sperm, obtaining green signals for the Y chromosome carrying cells and red signals for the X chromosome bearing cells; these signals are counted and a percentage is obtained. This shows the percentage of cells of the desired gender in sorted samples.

The purity percentages for MicroSort® sorted samples will vary according to different factors, including the amount of motile cells, progression, the gender selected, and the difference in amount of DNA between X and Y chromosome (this changes slightly according to each patient). After sorting, the average purity of MicroSort® samples is 90% for girls and 78% for boys. In terms of the number of babies of the desired gender born, MicroSort® has been 93% effective for girls and 82% effective for boys.

MicroSort® does not guarantee a baby of the desired gender, but the technology is scientifically proven to significantly increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby of the desired gender.

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